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The tutu has always been the cutest children's garment for girls. At D&O we believe that all people deserve to feel like a princess, big or small since we have designed a magical piece, tailored to their needs, which brings them happiness and joy.

The tulle skirt is perfect for all occasions. The voluminous tulle ballerina skirts are so versatile that you can wear them at any time. In addition, it is the ideal garment for when you want to feel like a princess.


The tutu skirt is the ideal gift, it is the perfect magic skirt for the princess of the house. It can be used for fairy and cosplay costumes, ballet dance, theme parties, music festivals, etc.

It has a soft material that is pleasant to the touch. Girls' tutu skirts are made of quality, durable 100% polyester. Soft material that won't make your girls feel itchy or uncomfortable on their skin.

Elastic band design at the waist.

The elastic band design at the waist is easy to put on and take off. It offers a comfortable fit for all-day wear and consists of 3 layers of tulle that are easy to wear.